URBAN HIVES collect.cut.assemble.create

Year: 2013
Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Activity : Public Furniture
Type: Competition
in collaboration with Charis Petrou


Setting diversity as one of our aims we suggest the form of the hexagon. We use the hexagon as a modular system,supporting each other, which allows for the creation of endless compositions for every need. It can be used, horizontally (ground) and vertically (on wall surfaces), as a seat, a table, a planter, a water storage tank and a light source. In terms of material we chose to use used wood pieces and wooden pallets for cost efficiency. The wood should be coated for protection of outdoor weather conditions. Alternatively the modules can be constructed out of plywood resistant to humidity and light rain. The modules can be used in public spaces neighborhoods to enhance the topography and vitality.

  1. Chose the space of your desire.

  2. Collect pallets and plywood.

  3. Cut plywood to the hives’ sizes.

04.Assemble the pieces together. As the volumes aggregate, a landscape begins to form.

  1. Fill the volumes with grass, herbs, flowers, recycling containers, light – Give them life!

  2. When summer fades, don’t be disappointed. The plants could be taken to a home or a community garden. The recyclables move on to serve new purposes. And simply package everything-up to bring it all back to life next summer.