Year: 2012-2013
Location: Konia-Paphos, Cyprus
Activity : House [addition]
Present Status : Competed

The house plan explores the boundary between exterior and interior space. The concept deals with a cube subdivided into a grid creating four interlocking squares, one open to the sky, three roofed offering a range of views towards the garden. The house is to be constructed on the site of an existing family house for their designer daughter therefore it has to be discreet providing maximum privacy for its occupant and a pleasant environment to work in, yet taking advantage of the available garden area. Windows are grouped, certain views are framed, leaving the walls as a surface for the shadow of trees to play on. Like old Cypriot traditional houses its life is focused inwards or to a particular view.

The courtyard can be closed with a wooden sliding screen or opened towards the larger garden area- it is treated like an outdoor room with a window to a calm “green” atmosphere while  it doubles as a private garden closed off from the main house, or as an introduction to the living space. On the east the gateway, from the south a long window opening on to the garden where the design desk is located. Internally the palette of materials is limited – wood, slate/brick veneer on one wall, cast glass, aluminium and white walls.


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