Year: 2014 – 2015
Location: Paphos
Status: Completed
Client: E.P.A.P Coffee Craft l.t.d | Beanhaus Coffee Roasters
Activity :  Coffee Roasters
Type: Interior | Furniture Design
Collaborators: S.P.C. Metal l.t.d, Tsappas Woodworks, Renos + Christos Karamanis, K.S. Socratous l.t.d, KHS Thermocool l.t.d, Alutech Alluminium l.t.d, Stella Nicodemou – graphic design, Noma Advertising Studio, Nadia Psaltis – Droushioti.
Photography: XO, Creative Photo Room

Beanhaus is a small artisan micro coffee roaster but also a space dedicated to coffee education for both professional baristas and home brewers. It is a unique space based right in the center of Paphos and it focuses on the education of specialty coffee, serving as workshop, classroom, boutique store and event space.


In addition to training professional baristas and passionate home brewers in the fundamentals of preparing and serving coffee, the space hosts professional coffee related seminars but also functions as a coffee boutique where not only you can buy freshly roasted coffee but also any coffee related equipment from Chemex Coffeemakers to moka pots.

The space was approached in a quite minimal and straight forward manner. It was arranged in such a way to separate but at the same time highlight the different functions that take place within it using natural materials and colors but at the same time a bit of little tension using contrasts such as the turquoise wall on the back.

IMG_9542 M CROP-web

The welcome area features the main element, a long bar clad with metal sheets and topped with a solid pine wood counter. At the same time, you can take a gaze where all the products are exhibited on the beautifully symmetrical shelf or sit momentarily while reading a magazine on roasting!

IMG_1459 M-web

Separated from the welcome area and shop is the workshop, education and production area. There you can see the pride of the shop, the roasting machine! The U-shape table-counter enables instructors to lecture and demonstrate during seminars and tastings on both sides of the room. The two spaces, shop and workshop are intermediately linked allowing a continuous flow of movement, smell, vision and light throughout the space.

IMG_9548 M-web

All of the furniture were custom made and designed to fit the needs and particularity of the space.

A taste of Beanhaus Coffee Roasters – under process palette